Loan Servicing Issues? ARH Delivers for Borrowers.

May 21, 2009 - ARH is assisting borrowers on a wide variety of problems they are encountering with their loan servicers. Currently, servicers are overwhelmed with reviewing property financial statements and evaluating debt service coverage failures or other performance breaches along with the complexity of implementing cash management procedures to take control of property cash flows and the disbursements of funds for operating expenses. Your loan is among hundreds of others that your servicer is dealing with in addition to the significant influx of distressed, defaulted and non-performing loans. To get results you must be proactive, understand your rights and obligations under the controlling loan documents and understand how to move your loan to the top of the servicer's list. ARH's team leverages its legal and loan underwriting experience along with established senior level contacts at loan servicers to protect your interests and get results where borrowers have otherwise been unable. For a summary of recent successes assisting borrowers with loan servicing issues see Servicer Success Stories.