Borrower Services Overview

Winter 2009 Edition - Over the next several weeks all borrowers will be reviewing their 2008 year end results and preparing the financial statements required by lenders. Every asset class in every geographic market has seen some level of performance deterioration whether in RevPAR for hotels or rents and occupancy levels for multifamily, office and retail while operating expenses such as taxes, labor and utilities have been escalating.

Your lender or servicer will be conducting a detailed review of the financial statements you provide for 2008 and will be reunderwriting the loan based on the trailing 6 or 12 month operating results per their underwriting criteria to evaluate whether certain low DSCR, Debt Yield or other performance tests have been triggered allowing the lender to take control of property cash flow oftentimes cutting off management fees on owner managed properties.

ARH's experienced team sharing both banking and legal backgrounds are expert in assisting borrowers with preparing the required financial reporting materials, conducting a current underwriting analysis and serving as a liaison with the lender or servicer in ensuring that their review and underwriting is correct, consistent with applicable standards and is not manipulated to allow the lender to take control of your property cash flow. Please see the Borrower Services Brochure for a more detailed explanation of the services ARH can provide including Tax Assessment Analysis, Discounted Loan Payoff or Loan Restructuring Analysis and Modifications.